2001 - 2002 Publications

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12 December 2002 - 2001/2002 AGM

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7 October 2002 - Pasminco Deeds of Company Arrangement Signed

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30 August 2002 - FH Restructure Approved

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7 August 2002 - Further Adjournment Sought On Pasminco Creditors’ Meeting

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15 July 2002 - Pasminco Creditors` Meeting Adjourned

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30 April 2002 - Outcome of Takeover Proceedings

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26 April 2002 - Takeover Panel

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25 October 2001 - Board Changes

Pasminco announces the retirement of Mr David Macfarlane and Mr Ross Herron from the Board of Directors

26 September 2001 - Ferrier Hodgson Statement

Ferrier Hodgson confirmation of appointment over Australian operations

20 September 2001 Pasminco Restructure Underway

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